My Dusty Closet LIFE
an upside-down, bittersweet, journey on earth (:
— Torn between choices. :/

I’m so confused of what’s happening in my life. I can’t even decide on the job i want. Becoming frustrated everyday, every time I wake up, I had this thought maybe this day things will change. The right job will come and eventually pull out the torn that was stuck in my head. Grrrrrr!!! I sooo love the 2 great jobs i wanted to be part with. So my problem is, what if the job i choose is not really the right one for me? I’m so afraid of the consequences that will arrive if I got the wrong one. I have a lot of plan for myself and also for my family. I don’t want to disappoint each one of them.  Please help me!!

Basically, I wanted to work abroad and live there. I know living in well-specialized, high-standardized and a well-known country will increases the life expectancy on every individual. With their health care facilities, suitable wages for workers, healthy supplies and economy, that’s the life I wanted for me and to my parents.

Let’s get back to the job thingy, First, I’m a registered nurse in our country. Being a nurse is great because you can help those sick patients who needed most of care and attention, also I can help my parents on certain condition because I got a background on medical fields. They won’t panic and I can give them some healthy tips on their health. In our country, its difficult for me as well as to my co-nurses here to look for a job in the hospital to get some experience. Having a work experience is a must if you like to work abroad. Some of the qualification is a 2 or 3 year minimum work in a well-trusted government or private facilities. Nowadays, some hospital will not easily hire you. If you got a few political/respected/highly-known person inside, they might able to help you in your career. Frankly, I got no problems with it LOL.. :) That’s the first job I have in my mind.

Another is, for 6 months, I studied as a Medical Transcriptionist. I fell in love with it. The thing you do is to transcribe a voice file with medical information from their patient. I find it simple and not that stressful coz you just have to type what’s inside the voice file. Some qualities of a good transcriptionist is the ability to type fast, a good grammar and listening skill, and with a broad knowledge on medical fields and terms. I got some slight weakness on grammar but I know with practice and repeated review, I might get good on it.

If I start working now as an MT, I may able to help my parents easily and give them money unlike working as a nurse here, the salary is just to low which may not be enough for us, my family to share. :/ But the experience I will get as a nurse will give a lot of help in the future because other country basically is in demand of a nurse or caregiver provider. I also search an MT jobs and I also find out that it is also a demand. 

My dad has been pursuing me to work in some non-related medical field. I don’t plan to apply on it because the experience i might get in that job will not be countable for me to work abroad.  It’s just way way way far from what I studied.

That’s it! My mind still twirl from this problem. What do you think? Any advice for me? 

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